photo : andrew lepley

I will soon be launching a massive free lesson site.

At a session a few months back - musicians hanging on a break.

The conversation turns to the current state of music these days.

Not enough great tunes, great changes, solos that make the tune better, yadda yadda.

the question is posed - “what would you do to make music better”?

My answer - “if everyone could play an instrument than they would know the difference.” “if they could play, they can write songs, better songs”

So my free lesson site is my first step trying to make a difference.

Help 1 million new guitar players get started.

Crazy? Sure.

But I’d like to give anyone who can get they’re hands a guitar, all the support they need to get making music on it.

And once they get stoked - give them all the tools to start jamming, soloing, writing tunes, playing loud and making a new better noise.

Hit the social buttons and I’ll ping everyone when it launches.

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